FAQ's for the Day1Access Program

What is Day1Access?

Selected by your professor/instructor, the Day1Access program is digital access delivery model for your required course materials through Canvas at a reduced price. The Illini Union Bookstore has ensured that all Day1Access materials will have the lowest possible cost to the student – even lower than buying the material directly from the publisher. Access for all students begins the first day of class, with the option to opt-out of purchasing through the drop/add period (see dates below). Each course utilizing Day1Access materials has received approval to digitally deliver required course materials to students from the instructor of that course or the course coordinator.

How Does Day1Access Work?

For Faculty

·         Faculty collaborate with the Illini Union Bookstore and their publisher representatives to coordinate required course materials and cost savings.

·         Faculty receive instructions to set up their course materials within Canvas.

·         The Illini Union Book Store communicates the program to enrolled students via Course Explorer and the Illini Union Bookstore Website. 

·         Once the content is published, students log into the LMS and access their materials on Day 1 of class.

Interested in participating in future semesters? Please email the Day1Access team.


For Students

·         When a faculty member chooses Day1Access for any course, the Course Explorer Section Info will indicate that choice along with the course materials’ cost by the time students begin registering for classes.

·         Students receive access to the required digital course material through Canvas on the first day of class.

·         An opt-out option is available for students who don’t want to purchase the required content.

·         For those students registered in a Day1Access class, who don’t opt-out, the cost of the content is applied to the student’s account approximately ten days before the semester begins and will be charged/credited for add/drops during the add/drop timeframe.

 Fall 2024

See the courses being offered in Fall 2024.

How Do I Get My Required Course Materials Through the Day1Access Program?

Your required digital course materials are delivered through Canvas. Access begins the first day of class. If you are concerned about access, please email your instructor.


If you have accessibility needs, please contact the DRES office at dres-accessible-media@illinois.edu. 

How Much Does Day1Access Cost?

Potential 40%-60% savings off a printed new textbook.

Check out the savings.


What Does It Mean to Opt-Out?

If you do not wish to purchase the required course materials through the Day1Access program, you have until the add/drop day to opt-out. If you opt-out by the deadline, access to the online content will be turned off and the cost will be credited to your student account.  If you opt out and change your mind, you can opt back in. Please check with your professor/instructor to make sure your homework is not required through the digital content. 


What are the Opt-Out Deadlines?

Fall 2024:

16-week and Term A Courses: September 9, 2024, 11:59 PM

Term B Courses:  October 28, 2024, 11:59PM

How Do I Opt-Out?

Day1Access required materials are at the lowest cost possible. If you opt-out, you will be responsible to locate and purchase the materials on your own, possibly paying a higher cost. However, if you choose to opt-out, easily follow these steps before your course's add/drop deadline:

1.    Click the RedShelf tool in Canvas

2.    Navigate to MyShelf in the main menu.

3.    Navigate to My Courses.

4.    Click on any course and view the blue banner for your opting status.

5.    Follow the instructions on the box that pops up to complete the opt-out process.

I Dropped the Course. Do I Still Need to Opt-Out?

No. Students who drop the course before the add/drop deadline automatically are "opted-out." There are no refunds for students who drop after the add/drop deadline.

I Forgot to Opt-Out and Missed the Deadline. Can I Still Get a Refund?

Once the cost of the required course materials has been applied to your student account, there are no refunds.

I Opted Out by Mistake and Realized That I Still Need My Access. Can I Opt Back In?

Yes, if it's before the add/drop deadline. To opt-in, login with your NetID, proceed to your Canvas. Click on the opt-in toggle button underneath your course material. You can opt-in and out as many times as you want before the deadline.

What happens if I add a class after my Financial Aid has been applied to my account?

You will be responsible for paying any Day1Acess charges that are added to your student account after your financial aid has credited to your account.  Failure to pay these charges by the due date may result in a financial hold being added to your student account.

I Didn't Get an Email About My Course, But Other Students in My Class Did. Was I Sent an Email?

The Day1Access team will notify all students enrolled in the program by email to their official university email address. If it is not in a spam folder or was accidentally deleted, email the Bookstore for access instructions.  Email notifications will go out to students twice during the add/drop period, once at the beginning and shortly before the end of the add/drop period.

How Do I Pay for My Access?

The access to your course material will be charged to your student account when tuition and fees are assessed, approximately 10 days before the start of each semester. If you chose to opt out before the add/drop date, the charge will be removed from your account.  The cost of the required digital content for Day1Access will appear on your student account as "Day1Access Charge."

How can I request Accessible Course Materials?

If you have accessibility needs, please contact the DRES office at dres-accessible-media@illinois.edu.