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Promo Items

The Illini Union Bookstore has made a new partnership!

We have recently teamed-up with a new vendor that allows us to provide promotional products such as water bottles, pens, and t-shirts, at a discounted price. Through this partnership we are able to receive proceeds from those orders placed, which in turn will be returned to you on campus through our continued support! We are able to fill orders of all sizes, and have the added convenience of being P-card friendly.

Purchasing these promotional products through the Illini Union Bookstore keeps your money on campus and supporting other university programs.

Let the Illini Union Bookstore be your ONE-STOP-SHOP for that personal touch to all of your departmental, organizational, and team needs!  Please note, we need at least 6 weeks advance notice for your order, due to shipping delays and supply chain issues. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. How do I start?
    • An Illini Union Bookstore representative can work with you to determine your department’s needs. Short meetings can be conveniently held in your office, or on Zoom.
  2. Do orders need to be in bulk?
    • No. Although ordering in bulk does help bring the price down on your end, we are more than happy to fill much smaller orders per request.
  3. What if I’m not entirely sure on the item(s) and artwork I want utilized?
    • That’s no problem! There are thousands of items to choose from, and it can be hard to know just what you want. Send us the information that you are sure of and we can assemble a couple quotes for you to compare. Quotes are free!
  4. Is there a special format necessary for artwork?
    • Yes, all artwork must be converted into a vector format before being utilized to print on our products.
  5. What do I do if I don’t have the artwork in Vector format?
    • Creative Services can assist with your university lock-up or university word mark. If you are using non-university logo artwork, feel free to send it to us and we will work with it. If there are issues, we will reach out to you and explain what complications we are having and see if we can’t reach some resolution.
  6. How quickly can you turn orders over?
    • Assuming all paperwork and financial requirements are met, we can do as quickly as two weeks, although a longer timeframe is always appreciated. We are also very conscious of US mailing systems and add a 2-3 day cushion, deducted from your required in-hands date.  Note: with recent supply chain issues and shipping delays we cannot process orders until we have at least 6 weeks of lead time.
  7. When is payment due, and how do I pay for my order?
    • Order payment is due upon receipt of emailed invoice. We accept credit card payments. We are working to accept CFOPALs in the future.

You can contact us at 265-9482 or iubcatalog@illinois.edu
To see the collection of items, visit us here.