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Frequently asked questions about Book Buy Back:


  1. What is book buy back?
    Book buy back is a service operated by the Illini Union Bookstore allowing students the opportunity to sell unwanted textbooks at the end of each semester.

  2. Do I need my receipt?
    No, a receipt is only necessary at the beginning of each semester in order to obtain a full refund.

  3. Which of my books will the bookstore buy?
    Books are purchased for the upcoming semester only based upon instructors' book orders. The bookstore will purchase books from the students at either (a) 50% price or (b) wholesale price, depending upon the need for each particular book for the upcoming semester.

    We will purchase your books regardless of where you bought them. Just bring them in for the buyers to give you a price on their value.

  4. What determines whether the bookstore pays 50% price?
    - Bookstore receives book orders from the instructors before buy back
    - Instructor will be using the same edition of the book during the next semester
    - Bookstore is not overstocked on the particular book you're selling
    - Bookstore has not yet acquired the necessary number of copies of that particular book

  5. What happens when none of the four previous instances occur?
    The bookstore employs the services of two different national used book companies - they offer the customer a price on the book (from 0-30% of the retail price), based upon the national resale value. Those books are shipped off campus and are sold to other bookstores throughout the country. This gives all students an opportunity to sell unused titles if they so desire. Old editions of a textbook often have no value.

  6. 50% price of what? - VERY IMPORTANT TO YOUR POCKETBOOK!
    The bookstore pays 50% of the current New Book selling price for those books purchased for the store, not necessarily 50% of the original purchase price.

  7. When is buyback?
    We do buyback year round, and only close it for a few days at the end of the month.