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Textbook Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I purchase my books online?
    Purchase your course materials conveniently online with the Illini Union Bookstore! We will box your books free of charge and have them waiting for you by the week before classes start. You can look up your books by searching by clicking on the term, department, course and section for each class. When you check out, the online system will step you through the ordering process. You will need to create an online profile. Provide your book preference (new/used/E-text), payment information and select if you’d like to pick up your books free of charge at the Illini Union Bookstore or have them shipped to your house for an additional shipping cost.
    • **When looking at your textbook list, sometimes you will see "pick one" at the bottom of the text information.  This means you will choose the format you like best from the options.  You only need ONE version.**
    • Visit our youtube page for a quick video.  https://go.illinois.edu/shoptext
  • When will my online order be shipped?
    Orders take 1-2 business days for processing and then they will ship out to you.  A separate email will be sent with tracking information once it has been processsed through shipping.
    • A valid credit card is required to finalize your order. Your credit card will not be charged until your order is fulfilled.
    • Shipping prices reflect regular UPS ground rates. Expedited shipping requests (Next Day, 2-day, International, etc.) will incur higher shipping rates. NOTE:  Expedited shipping requests are initiated at the time of order fulfillment, however, we do not ship on weekends & holidays.

  • When will my online order be ready?
    Orders take 1-2 business days for processing.  You will receive an email once the order has been processed (charged).    

    Online textbook orders, once processed, will be available for pick up from the bookstore once you receive an automatic email. Check the email for location and hours.


  • Do I need to purchase my books online?
    No, you can purchase your books in the store. In fact, once you are on campus, it's faster to shop for your books in-person than online.  Our textbooks are located on the lower level of the bookstore.  All of the books are arranged by Department and Course, so make sure you have yoru class schedule with you!  Watch our short video about shopping for your books here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XI-CriSyFVg&t=20s

  • What is your returns policy?
    During the first ten days of a term (other than Summer), all books and course materials are fully returnable with your original receipt and in original condition. We cannot process a textbook return without the original receipt. 

  • Do you offer alternatives to buying print text books and course materials?
    Yes, we offer online and in-store text book rentals.

    Many textbooks and course materials are available in different formats. We offer physical textbooks and eBook digital texts. If there is more than one option available for a particular title, you will see those different options listed online. The intention is that you choose the one option that best fits your needs.

    Other possible course materials include online access codes, course packets (created by the professor and sold in the bookstore), electronic media (iClicker2) and various supplies.

  • How do I get my book list?
    You can look up your books by searching by title, entering your 5-digit course reference number (which can be found on your class schedule) or selecting your term/department/course from the drop-down lists provided.

  • What if I need to cancel or change my online order?
    If you need to cancel or change your online textbook order (add/drop classes or books, etc.), please contact our textbook department at iubtextorders@illinois.edu or call us at 217.244.3730 with any questions.

  • When I am checking out online, the total is higher than what I had expected. Have I been overcharged?
    The cart total is calculated at the highest current price for titles. Used prices will be applied if selected and available when your order is filled. If you chose "used preferred" but we do not have any used in stock, we will substitute a new book (at the new price). If you have any questions or concerns about this matter, please contact our textbook department at iubtextorders@illinois.edu or call us at 217.244.3730 with any questions.

  • What does it mean when I select “used preferred” or “new preferred” for each title?
    If you select “used preferred,” we will provide a used copy whenever available, and only substitute a new copy (at new price) if we have no used copies. The reverse is true if you select “new preferred.” We do this so that we can fill your order completely—and you have the option of returning any books you don’t need or want within the first two weeks of the term.

  • Do you accept financial aid as payment?
    We cannot accept Financial Aid or bill your account for textbook/bookstore purchases. We accept all major credit cards, cash, check (in-store only) and Illini Cash.

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